Thalian Hall and Battleship NC

Thalian Hall

Hirchak's book and tour do not encompass the paranormal activity at Wilmington's premier performing arts venue. Those stories come from Tony Rivenbark, executive director of Thalian Hall, who likes to attribute countless unexplained events to the theater's patron goddess, Thalia, the Muse of Comedy.

There is no intermission for the many sagas of eerie sounds, cold spots, disappearances and relocations of scripts, tools, props, etc. Most of these strange tales come from actors who, during rehearsals, have often spotted two men and a woman in 19th-century dress wandering the first balcony.

Skeletal remains have been discovered under the floorboards of the theater, and Rivenbark surmises that local pre-Columbian Native Americans likely buried their dead in that sand dune. One of his most oft-repeated tales is of a director's small dog somehow finding its way to the third-floor gallery and then was seemingly tossed over the rail. It landed unharmed in the audience on the first floor.

Battleship North Carolina

Nightwatchman Danny Bradshaw has written a book, "Ghosts on the Battleship North Carolina," describing lights turned on, doors opened, and unexplained sounds aboard the popular tourist attraction, most often footsteps. He was rummaging around in a storage area below deck when he heard a voice that said, "Get out of here." He has been in various other parts of the ship when the temperature plummeted and the refrigerator door opened and closed.

Bradshaw has had several close encounters with a transparent, blond-haired young man who has crept up from behind and laid a hand on his shoulder. He has seen this fellow in his room, turning up the television, and he has seen him loitering in the corridor.

The ghosts occasionally have spoken to him harshly. "Hey, what are you doing?" "Why are you here?" "Don't come here again." "Get back. Get back now!" One spirit tried to take over his room, overturning his drink and adjusting the water temperature when he showered. Three times he turned on the television and three times it turned itself off. At last he capitulated and went off to sleep in the captain's quarters. It was too cold outside to spend another night in his car.

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Wilmington Ghost Stories: Thalian Hall and Battleship NC

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