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Price's Creek: Photo Courtesy Wilmoth Photography

There are some lighthouses in North Carolina that are no longer in use or no longer exist due to many reasons. Some of them were destroyed during the Civil War, and others were replaced by other structures. There are not many reminders left of the structure that was once there.

One example of a lighthouse that no longer exisits is Price's Creek Lighthouse. Price's Creek Lighthouse was originally built to guide ships through the Cape Fear River into the city of Wilmington. The lighthouse had a fixed front range light and rear range light. The light from the lighthouse was activated in 1850.

The Confederate Light House Bureau took over control of the lighthouse during the Civil War. The reason that they wanted control was so they could sneek Confederate ships into Wilmington with cotton on board during the evening, and then slip into the Atlantic Ocean past unsuspecting Union ships. They used the cotton as a trading tool to obtain uniforms, guns, and ammunition from countries such as England. The ships would head back to Wilmington and the supplies would be delivered to Confederate troops. When the Union troops began to gain control of coast of North Carolina, the Confederate troops began destroying the lighthouses so the Union could not use them to guide the ships into the ports. Price's Creek Lighthouse was one of them. They did not repair the lighthouse after the Civil War ended.

Today, Price's Creek Lighthouse sits in ruins. Some repairs have been made, but there are parts of the lighthouse that are still missing. The lighthouse remains are not open to the public and the only way you can get there is by taking the ferry that runs between Fort Fisher and Southport.

Another lighthouse that is no longer in existence is the Little Hatteras Beacon Light. The lighthouse was built in 1856 to help ships navigate between the cape and the Diamond Shoals that were located offshore. The lighthouse was destroyed by a hurricane in 1897, and it was never rebuilt.

Another lighthouse that no longer exists today is the Cape Fear Lighthouse. It was located on Smith Island. The lighthouse was built in 1903. It was made out of steel so it had the ability to withstand some of the powerful storms that came off of the Atlantic Ocean. The lighthouse was nearly 160 feet tall. Cape Fear Lighthouse was intentionally destroyed in 1958.

The final lighthouse that no longer exisits is Federal Point Light. It was built on Kure Beach. This lighthouse was one of many that stood on the area, but like all of the previous lighthouses, it was destroyed. The lighthouse was destroyed by Confederate troops in 1863.

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