Username Policy

Other Important Information:

What are Usernames Used For?

Your username will be attached to any comments, reviews, images or other content you create or upload to

Choosing a Username

We do not recommend using your full real name as a username, however we do not prevent this -- some people may very well wish others to know exactly who they are, and that is acceptable. Most people use a longstanding internet pen name, or a new name that you use only for Your choice depends on how much anonymity you want to preserve while submitting content to

We strongly recommend that users avoid picking usernames of politicians, military or religious figures or events and any other name that may be seen as potentially offensive, or endorsing or opposing the politics, policies or beliefs of a public figure.

Others should be able to judge you based purely on your contributions to, rather than an emotional response to a potentially controversial username. Avoiding such names is in your own best interest, so please be careful. Remember you are part of a community -- show everyone else the respect for their beliefs that you would expect them to show yours.

Username Capitalization usernames are displayed case sensitive.

If your username will consist of more than one word or name, we encourage you to capitalize each word when you create your account. An example of this would be "YourName".

Inappropriate Usernames

Inappropriate usernames include both clear and masked names. Fairly or unfairly, the line between acceptable and unacceptable usernames is drawn by those who find the username inappropriate, not by the creator of the name. Please do not try to find this line. does not allow certain types of usernames, including:

  • Confusing, misleading or troublesome usernames: names that can be confused with other members of or names that include commonly used community terms, or imply an official position on
  • Names of well-known living or recently deceased people unless you are that living person
  • Inflammatory usernames: these include names that promote or imply hatred, violence or terrorism; names that sexual acts or preferences; names that contain profanity, obscenities or other potenially offensive language (including non-English profanities); names of religious figures such as God, Jehovah, Buddha or Allah or derivatives
  • Names that look like an IP address or email address, which we hope is self-explanatory

Users found to be in violation of this policy face having their account permantly deleted from Should this action occur, any contests or sweepstakes a member is involved in will be forfitted by the member.

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