Review Guidelines

What makes for a great review? reviews are useful, funny and cool because people like you take the time share to share thoughtful insights on local businesses and services.

The best reviews are personal and experiential, and tend to offer helpful suggestions, perhaps even an insider tip or two. The most useful reviews sometimes make mention of unique qualities that make the business special, or the type of person who might also like this business.

What should I review?

Any business, service or place to go with a physical address is fair game for being reviewed on Think: restaurants, shops, bars, salons, spas, dentists, mechanics, pediatricians, golf courses, parks, museums etc.

Can I review a business I'm connected to?

If you are connected to a business, through either a personal or professional relationship, we encourage you to provide your review, so long as you are open about and explicitly disclose your relationship to the business in your review.

Remember is about Real Reviews written by Real People. In order to keep reviews trustworthy, we need to make sure that the readers always know whenever a reviewer's perspective may be influenced by their personal connections.

What if the business I'm reviewing gave me something for free or at a discount?

You should always disclose any special treatment, gifts, or discounts. Writing reviews is about real, honest reviews, so while we're happy you had an extra special experience, we do ask you to tell us (your readers) the whole story.

What if I had a bad experience? Can I say something negative?

Yes, absolutely. We want to hear about your good experiences and your bad ones. Be sure to include all the relevant facts and details.

But whether it's a positive review or a negative one, please keep in mind that your opinions are generally protected but posting false information can have legal ramifications.

Does ever remove reviews?

Rarely. But in some cases a member of the team will remove a review (and will typically email the writer to let them know) when we are made aware of certain situations including:

  • Disclosure problems. For example, if you claim that a business owner pays low wages, you need to explain how you know that.
  • Second-hand experiences and hearsay. For example, you can't give a deli a bad review because your co-worker complained about his chicken salad. Your reviews must be about your personal experiences, not about what you may have heard.
  • Personal issues with an employee. For example, you can't slam a restaurant simply because you had a bad date with one of the waiters. If the waiter provided poor service, then of course that's fair game for your review.
  • Personal attacks. Feel free to explain your bad experience with a salesman, but not the place for vicious attacks or name calling.
  • Slurs and stereotypes. There's plenty of bigotry in the world, so we're not interested in ethnic, gender and other protected-class stereotypes on Your friends probably know when you're being tongue-in-cheek, but the millions of people who read reviews on may not. wants your comments to be heard!

Please be advised that there is a 1,000 word limit on reviews. The recommended length is 75 to 300 words. Reviews less than 50 words are subject to being removed from our database.

We reserve the right to edit or remove any review found to not comply with our Terms of Service, is of poor taste, or is so generic that it could apply to any company, not specifically the company being reviewed. If a review is removed by, any contest or sweepstakes entries the member gained from posting the review shall be forfeited.

Who can write a review?

Customers or visitors only! Business owners are not allowed to post a review about their business. We do allow business owners to submit a rebuttal to any review.

What to Include in Your Review:

  • Use an appropriate title. The title must be different from your review itself.
  • Your review should focus on specific aspects of the business you are reviewing. Do not simply state you liked or disliked the business, be specific.
  • The best reviews include not only whether you liked or disliked a business' products or service, but also why.

What NOT to Include in Your Review:

  • Do not mention competing company names in your reviews. Focus on the company you are reviewing, and if you wish, leave a review about the other companies on their directory listings.
  • Do not comment on other reviews - respect their position and write your own, but do not argue with another member.
  • Do not use profanity, obscenities or spiteful remarks.
  • Do not write a review that is less than 50 words in length. The goal of a review is to share your experiences with a particular company - very short reviews do not accomplish this.
  • Do not post phone numbers, email addresses or URLs - your review will be deleted.
  • Do not post solicitations for reviews. Remember, if you are a business owner, you are only allowed to post rebuttals, and then only in certain circumstances.
  • Do not post inflammatory reviews - stop and put yourself in the shoes of the owner of the business you are posting about.
  • Do not post many reviews about one business. Doing this will cause all of your reviews to be deleted.
  • Remember, you are responsible for your words.

While reserves the right to review any posting before making it live to other visitors, we cannot be held responsible for comments posted by our visitors.

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