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Please Note: If you have not yet received a listing key, then you will need to request one by sending us an e-mail. Give us your company name, your name and your position with the company. Once we have verified your information, we will send you a key which will allow you to manage your company's listing on

If so, you will need to first login to your account or register as a new member of After you have successfully registered, re-visit this page for further instructions.

If your company is not listed on, we'd love to hear about you! Click here to send us an e-mail telling us all about your business. When writing, please include the following, and keep in mind that incomplete submissions cannot be accepted.

  • Your corporate business name.
  • The name of a contact person (for use only by
  • Your company's physical address(es). We cannot accept businesses without a physical address at this time.
  • Your company's phone number.
  • The e-mail address we ( can use to contact you. Your e-mail address will not be listed on your detail page.
  • Your company's website address (if you have one.)
  • A description of the goods and/or services you provide.
  • A high resolution horizontal outside photo of your business. We would love for you to also submit any additional photos as well.

    Please Note: We cannot accept graphics (this includes menu covers, posters, logos, etc.), photos with wording on them (website addresses, "look at that view," etc.) or vertical photos!

    Photos submitted must be high resolution horizontal photos, with at least one being an outside shot of your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Other Important Information:
  1. How did my business get listed on

    If you have just found, you might be surprised to see your company listed with us, perhaps even with reviews. We list business in a few different ways:
    • A traveler may have submitted an email to us asking us to review a company not already in our database.
    • We may have heard about your company from one of our partners.
    • Our editors may have come across another reference to you in an article or guidebook.
    • A visitor familiar with you may have alerted us to your existence.
  2. Can I request that my business be listed on

    Of course! Follow the instructions above and we will be happy to add your business to
  3. Does it cost anything to be listed on

    No, it is absolutely FREE. Not only that, but we provide you with FREE tools to enhance your listing on See above for more details.
  4. How can I add a photo or description to my listing?

    Once we have verified your relationship with the business in question, we will provide you with access to an online administration area where you can edit your company's contact information and/or description, add new photos and more!
  5. How do I go about getting my company or listing removed from (or not receive reviews about it?)

    Because we want to be a complete source of travel information for our members, we will not remove a listing at the management's request. Any business that is open to the public is open to the public's opinion and will be posted on If your company is permanently closed and you would like to remove your listing, please contact us. We accept reviews for all companies that are listed on

    On a side note, it should be said that having reviews submitted regarding your business (even bad ones, if handled properly) can increase business significantly. Reviews about products and/or businesses are here to stay on the web -- we're willing to bet that if you have ever bought anything online, you've looked at product reviews or reviews for a business you are thinking of purchasing from yourself. We strongly encourage you to embrace this method of interaction with your customers and use it to your advantage! Our administration section has a whole area with great tips on how to handle a negative review and turn a bad situation into a good one.

    We're not looking to hurt any business on -- quite the opposite, actually. One of our primary goals is to help other small businesses succeed!
  6. My business is not permanently closed, but I am temporarily not accepting customers because I am repairing extensive damage from a storm or making other repairs or renovations. Can you take my listing down?

    No - we actually think it is important to leave your listing up, so we can help you communicate your status to travelers. Log into your administration area and update your description with what's going on and when you plan to re-open. Your customers will appreciate this, and even offer their thoughts (click here to see what happened when an Outer Banks restaurant burned down in 2007.)
  7. I just bought this business and the previous owners did a horrible job running it. I am going to change things - can you remove all existing reviews?

    Absolutely. If the ownership of your company has changed, please send us an e-mail stating the exact date and nature of the ownership change, along with documentation of this. Once this information has been confirmed, we will remove any reviews that are irrelevant to your current status.

    Please note: changing one partner in a multi-partner situation is not considered a change in ownership, nor is hiring a new manager. We will only remove reviews when the business has been transferred from all existing owner(s) to a completely new set of owner(s). Also note that both negative and positive reviews will be removed.
  8. My hotel has some bad reviews because people hated our pool. We have installed a brand-new pool now. Can you remove the old reviews?

    No. Reviews for a listing may only be removed due to a complete ownership change (as described above). We do not remove reviews just because of a change in amenities. However, we encourage you to post a rebuttal or reply to those reviews and give your potential customers the details of your improvements. Our visitors actually think very highly of companies that respond to negative reviews by making changes.

    You should also update your company's description to reflect any new amenities, or submit new photos to your business listing.
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